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Premiering at the Toy Fair 2010, our original action figure silicone skin adds (a) character to your mobile device. Somebody reading your email over your shoulder? Robotector will give them a fierce look that will make them go away! People checking you out as you walk down the street? Robotector will shake his fist at them from your pocket! He’sthe perfect companion for your urban adventures. Muggers? Not on his watch!

In the new millenium, technology and nature will coexist harmoniously on our planet. Roboticow is a visitor from our future, where android cows of superior artificial intelligence work together with their bovine friends on sustainable organic farms.

Your new friends from another planet! Don't worry, they won't bite... but they may drool a little. These soft and cuddly baby Drooling Aliens like munching on everything and following you around. They are always curious about new experiences and trying new foods.

Nugo Designs is a toy company creating eco-friendly designer plush toys. Our goal is to develop fresh engaging characters that stimulate the imagination, using organic materials and responsible manufacturing processes. The new series, Drooling Aliens™ and Roboticow™, are a modern take on the classic stuffed animal.

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